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Figuring Out Her Ring Size - 5 Bad Suggestions You'll Read Online and 2 Good Ideas

In picking out the perfect engagement ring, one of the key factors is that you want it to fit on her finger! Unfortunately there is a lot of terrible advice out there from jewelers, blogs and retailers. We talk about why some of the most common ones are terrible suggestions and give two more practical options.


1. "Borrow" her jewelry - Taking one of her rings in to a jeweler to figure out the size might not only tip her off if she notices it is missing, but also is likely to be inaccurate. She likely wears rings on different fingers which could be a completely different size than her ring finger. The difference between different ring sizes is fractions of a millimeter, so this is unlikely to work well.

2. Pretend you are buying for a family member - This is not subtle and is more likely to raise concern or suspicion than anything else. It is not a believable story to say you want to know what size she is for this purpose. This might be the most obvious and least helpful of them all.

3. Trace her rings - Tracing her rings is likely to be inaccurate because of the same reasons we listed above. Her rings are likely not the same size for different fingers, and tracing them will be even less accurate than bringing them in.

4. Use a string while she's sleeping - There is a common suggestion to take a piece of string to her fingers while she is sleeping and then use this length to figure out her ring size. Not only will you likely freak her out when you inevitably wake her up, but your ability to get an accurate enough read with a piece of string is suspect.

5. Guesstimate - A lot of sources will tell you that the average size is a 6 and based on her height or other factors, you could increase the size. This will probably be inaccurate given that the differences in ring sizes are !0.4mm, so guessing between a couple based on eyeballing it will likely be far off.


1. Ask her friends for help - get her friends to bring it up in some way to figure out what size she is. This will be far more subtle than the above options and will hopefully allow for a more accurate number. There is still the chance that she doesn't know, but at least you will get her best guess through her friends which will be a lot better than yours!

2. Ask your partner - This is a foolproof way to get the most direct answer. You could even go with them to get it sized. While this will not make the proposal a complete surprise, there are so many elements of it that will be a surprise. If you just get her ring size, the ring itself, the timing, the location and everything else will be a surprise. This option is not for everyone, but can ensure that you get the right size while still having a lot of elements of surprise! While you are doing this, consider asking for some general preferences, like diamond shape or setting type. Again, will take away some elements of surprise, but will get her something that she loves.

Consider sacrificing some of the surprise in order to get something that will fit better and will be what she wants!


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